why fly MBS

For travelers from the Great Lakes Bay Region, northern mid-Michigan and the Thumb, flying from MBS International Airport is more convenient and often less expensive than using other airports. Here are some reasons that more people are saying, “I fly MBS.”

“I believe in supporting my region and I love to fly MBS. It’s right in my back yard!!”

---Mitzi Dimitroff, President
R.D.S. Management

 “I fly from MBS International Airport because check-in is fast, parking is inexpensive and secure, and I’m not faced with a long drive before or after my trip.”

---Daniel J. Cline, Attorney
Cline Close Dyer PLC

“MBS is convenient and close to home, so it costs less and takes less time to get there and it is a short walk to the parking lot which saves even more time.”

---Dominic Monastiere, Executive VP & Chief Risk Mgmt Officer
Chemical Bank

“Because I work at Dow, where safety is always first priority, it’s important for me to travel from MBS. MBS is close to both my home and my office, so after a long, tiring trip, I feel better knowing I have a safe, convenient and short drive home.”

---Matt Davis, Executive Communications
The Dow Chemical Company

“When it comes to family travel, MBS is always our first choice. It’s so much easier getting in and out of our hometown airport for family members of all ages.”

---Bob Hagen, Owner
Hagen Ford

“It’s my job and privilege to support and promote our region in any way I can. Being loyal to our area businesses and organizations is something I believe in very strongly.”

---Mike Seward, President
Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

“MBS is our gateway to the world and the front porch to our community. We’re fortunate to have a nearby airport that links us to the critical hubs that can take us virtually anywhere.”

---Mike Hayes, President
Main Street Consulting

"MBS is critical to the transportation needs of both large and small employers in the Great Lakes Bay Region."

---Spence Maidlow, President & CEO
Covenant HealthCare 

“Sure, you can sometimes get a cheaper fare from another airport. But if you add in extra costs for gas and parking, plus the lost time and inconvenience, it’s really not such a great deal. That’s why I fly MBS.”

---Dan Kozakiewicz, President   
Three Rivers Corporation

“I know that transportation accessibility is critical to regional growth and development. That’s why the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce supports MBS International Airport – and why I fly MBS as often as I can.”

---Sid Allen, President
Midland Area Chamber of Commerce

“When you combine the ease of parking, short lines and reasonable airfares, flying MBS is a no-brainer for me. Why go anywhere else?”

---Herb Spence, President & CEO
Spence Brothers Construction

“In order to attract employees and companies to the Great Lakes Bay Region, we need a strong regional airport. Having an airport that reflects the strengths and personality of our region – and provides exceptional service – gives visitors a positive first impression and provides a great travel experience for residents. That’s why I fly MBS for both business and leisure travel.”

---Bill Gagliardi, Public Affairs Manager
Dow Corning Corporation

“I fly from MBS because the parking is inexpensive, check-in is speedy and I almost always see friends in the coffee shop. How do you put a price on that?”

---Paul Chaffee, Editor & Publisher
Saginaw News